For the buyer

There are many properties to choose. To make sure that you have made the best choice, please, become familiar with apartments and availability from the PROJECTS section. There, you can see the size, price, lay-out, floorage of free apartments, as well as whether the property is completed or under construction. The maintenance fee for each property is shown there, too. Should you have any questions concerning the selected properties, please, do not esitate to get in touch with the Sales Team.


The second step in the purchasing process is to reserve the property that you have selected. By reserving an apartment, you make sure that the property will be kept just for you for a certain period of time. To reserve an apartment, you may call your Sales Executive. In this way, the property you have selected will not be offered to other clients for a certain period of time. Within this period, a sales contract shall be signed and the first installment for purchasing the property shall be paid by you.

If you wish to come to Bulgaria first to view the apartment you have selected, you are most welcome. Our A-Travel Agency will organize your trip according to your wishes – airplane tickets, transfers, accommodation, etc.

Signing The Sales Contracts and The Title Deed

After you have paid the reservation deposit, your Sales Executive will prepare for you the Preliminary Contract for purchasing the apartment, the Contract for the Maintenance and Management and the Deposit Contract. Upon request, your Sales Executive can provide all necessary documents proving ownership, quality of construction, and selling company details and status. For each payment you make, you receive an invoice stating the amount paid, the reason for paying, and the date of payment. After the completion of construction works and your final payment, we will proceed with the preparation of the transfer of property rights to you. Finally, we are to set the date and time for the transfer of ownership to you. Your Sales Executive then will send you a notification stating the exact date and time, the address of the notary public, the documents you need to take with you, the amount of the fees for the transfer of property rights, and the amount of the maintenance fee you owe for the calendar year.

MY-HOME.BG offers additional services to clients to assist them to fulfill their obligations as owners of real estates in Bulgaria. Owners must first register the property with the tax authorities. To do that, however, they need to be registered as tax payers with the Registry Agency. The apartment itself must be registered with the cadastre office as your property. Then, people are to register themselves as owners of apartments with the electricity supply and water supply companies. Each year, owners are to pay municipal taxes and fees for their real estates.

Handover of Possession over The Apartment

In Bulgaria, it is important that proprietors of real estates not only own them, but also possess them, i.e. they hold the keys, occupy and use the apartments. Therefore, after signing the title deed, you shall be handed over the real estate. The handover is carried out on site in your apartment.

If there are any deficiencies in the construction and/of finishing works, they are also to be put down in the Protocol of Acceptance. We will undertake to remove the problems within a certain period of time, which depends on the concrete deficiency. You will also meet your Property Management Manager who will tell you about property management services. At this point, it is essential that you become familiar with the Rules and Regulations in the complex. They concern security, quietness, pets, parking, using communal parts, etc. They are mandatory for every owner, visitor, and employee in the complex.

 We believe that the Buyer’s Guide has made you aware of how apartments in Bulgaria are bought, what the costs are in relation to the purchase, and how you can count with us to assist you throughout the whole process. Of course, every sale is unique, and therefore, you can also count on our individual customer approach.