Maintance and managment

After putting the project in operation, MY-HOME.BG organizes the full maintenance of common units for urban and holiday complexes as well as for administrative and commercial buildings. The service includes the following primary activities:

    4/7 security and access control;
    Convening of a general meeting of property-owners, according to the stipulations in the Common Property Act;
    Daily cleaning of common units, underground parking lots, and yard alleys;
    Maintenance and care for the estates’ grass and flower areas;
    Organization of current and future repairs;
    Maintenance of electricity and water installations, elevator system;

Property management

MY-HOME.BG offers its clients the entire management of the real estate with the purpose of securing investment returns for the property-owner. This service includes:

    Management – maintenance, cleaning, changing the bedding and consumer goods;
    Listing (of holiday real estates) – preparation of all needed documents for the listing of real estate for lending for tourist activities;
    Advertising – advertising for the real estates in the country and abroad;
    Tour operators – work with leading tour operators of national and international scale for the accommodation of tourists in the real estates managed by MY-HOME.BG, which guarantees secure and winning profits.
    Tourist services – reception, accommodation of tourists, registration, payment of all tourist fees. When requested, we organize trips and entertainment activities, car rental, etc.
    Insurance – assisting with the insurance of real estates for all risks, such as theft, flooding, fire, earthquake, and others;
    Administrative and tax services – payment of current bills and assisting with the calculation of and application for the payments of local taxes and fees;
    Feedback – current notification of the owner for all reservations, for the realized revenues and expenses.