Building Contrast

Residential Building



The luxurious building has strategic location.

With the design and the construction of “Contrast” complex in one of the newest and most modern quarters in Varna city – Briz, we would like to convince you that you have the perfect chance both for business and relax. From the windows a marvelous sea panorama is revealed to the Varna bay and Galata cape. The luxurious building has strategic location. The location is very convenient with easy access to the city center, resorts and major roads. The building is with secured communications – electricity, water, internet, phone, cable TV and consists of:

  • Ground level: 3 Showrooms and office space;
  • Level 1: Trinity Contrast – Aesthetic Dermatology Center, Beauty Center and Children’s Art and party center, stylish coffee lounge and terrace;
  • 2nd Floor / Floor 3/Floor 4/Floor 5: 34 suites;
  • Floor -1/ Floor -2: 45 parking spaces;

The building is equipped with Permission of Use.


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